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Four Paws is positively changing Dogs & Owners lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Four Paws Dog Training is not your average dog trainer. Learn how Four Paws of Jacksonville is making waves in the dog community. It doesn’t matter what size or how old your dog is,  Four Paws will show you how to get your Dog on the path to good manners, and a relationship that will last a lifetime!


We Are Certified & Serious About Your Dogs.


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Four Paws dog training’s focus is to build lifetime bonds with humans and their dogs. Positive Reinforcement is the best & quickest way to accomplish your good dog goals.

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Four Paws Training is the premiere positive reinforcement dog trainer in all of Jacksonville, Florida. Trust us with your fur babies! If you have any questions or would like to know more, shoot us an email or call at the number listed below.

Call: (301) 906-6349